Half Scale Robby the Robot Kit
  Robby the Robot has been a Scifi icon since he made his first appearance in the motion picture Forbidden Planet. Now for the first time ever you can unlock the secrets of the Krell and build your very own half scale Robby the Robot.
   We spent over 3 years reverse engineering Robby from actual parts and castings from the original robot, as well as templates taken from Robby the Robot.
   Our kits are built using the same methods and manufacturing techniques as the original Robby the Robot. We have replicated Robby down to the last seam line, ensuring accuracy never before seen in a Robby the Robot replica! Using the latest CNC machining capabilities and 3D CAD modeling to ensure our kits are as true to the original as you can get. This also enabled us to design Robby to be built as a fully articulated replica. That's right, Robby has been designed to be fully poseable and motorized. He is not just a static model. We designed him so that you can easily add servos to the head, torso, arms, hands and yes even the hips, legs and ankles! Just imagine being able to build your very own Robby the Robot capable of every movement of the original! Now for the first time you can!

  We are building up one of our kits now,  as you can see in the photo to the left. Be sure to check out the following pages for more exciting information about our Robby the Robot Replica and how to get on the pre-order list to get your very own Robby!
                                                  Norman Sockwell

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